30+ Years of Machine Vision Engineering


Machine Vision


Since 2004, Visumatix has been delivering machine vision solutions to manufacturers of parts as disparate as medical test components and automotive engine blocks. Our team of engineers is hardware and software agnostic, focusing on the appropriate solution for your application.

Robot Guided Vision


Historically, machine vision cameras have been placed on a robot for a variety of reasons: cost, flexibility,  and resolution are the major ones. 

Recently, however, the advent of inexpensive, high resolution 3D scanners has introduced a new dimension (pun intended) into automated visual inspection

Vision Guided Robots


High-speed 2D vision guidance has for years eliminated the need for part fixtures for certain pick-and-place applications. Recent advances in 3D vision have added bin picking, and palletization/ de-palletizarion to the arsenal of tools available to the automation professional. 


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